Affiliate Disclosure

When you subscribe to a service using a link on this site, we may earn a cut of that sale. This is referred to as an "affiliate commission" and is the only way we make money. Unlike most sites, we don't also sell your data, show ads, or take higher commissions in exchange for better placements or reviews.

When you click a link on our site that goes to one of the services we're reviewing, a special string of characters in the link, usually at the end of it, tells that service that you got there thanks to something you read on The New Review. As a thanks for sending them a new subscriber, they send TNR a percentage of what you spent, usually from 3% to 5% although it can be higher or lower.

This arrangement has no impact whatsoever on our reviews. Our teams of writers function completely independently from our affiliate team. We don't unfairly rank or review a service based on our commission level because that would be the wrong thing to do, but it also helps that that our writers simply aren't involved in that part of our business, making it really easy to stay independent.

We also don't exclusively review services that pay affiliate commissions. Our writers review services that, in their expert opinions, are the best ones out there. If, and how much, that service might give us a cut of new business is completely unrelated and has no impact on the service being chosen, or continually included, in our sets of reviews and rankings.

Many review sites make additional money by surrounding reviews with ads, selling your data, and unfairly encouraging higher-paying services. We, however, do not. If you've gained some new knowledge about a topic we cover and are ready to subscribe to a service we've linked to, we thank you in advance for using our links to sign up! That said, if for some reason you'd rather not, it is possible to hide from the service provider the fact that you came from The New Review and prevent us from receiving a cut of your purchase. To do that, simply right-click on the link, paste it in a new tab or browser window, remove any extra characters from the domain name (i.e. becomes simply, and then go.